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  1. 3 months ago
    Tue Mar 21 05:50:21 2017
    S Strange Shisha posted in 4v4 Play.

    Good, then the ppl who are interested in playing the 4v4 format should post when they're available to play in general and we create a schedule based on it.

  2. Mon Mar 20 18:10:04 2017
    S Strange Shisha posted in 4v4 Play.

    I'd really appreciate more input and overall more match requests.

  3. Fri Mar 17 05:52:07 2017
    S Strange Shisha posted in 4v4 Play.

    I think that's a good Idea, helps implementing a ladder system, too.

    Will also cause players to play more offensively, since probably most of them don't just wna draw.

  4. Thu Mar 16 16:39:00 2017
    S Strange Shisha posted in 4v4 Play.

    got a lot of matches in today. found some issues to fix. maybe a certain ruleset will be implemented to make sure games will be quicker.

  5. Wed Mar 15 15:30:46 2017
    S Strange Shisha posted in 4v4 Play.

    we're at it again. need more players.

  6. Wed Mar 15 12:09:56 2017
    S Strange Shisha posted in 4v4 Play.

    we just played a lot of games and switch to 8v8 scrimms now. thanks for participating. would be nice if more people would.

    Join our discord, so you can find teams and opponents.

  7. Wed Mar 15 04:40:28 2017
    S Strange Shisha posted in 4v4 Play.

    Read up, form a team, post it here and get opportunities to play.

    As soon as we have more than 8 teams we could start a laddering system.

  8. Tue Mar 14 10:36:14 2017
    S Strange Shisha posted in QQ forums.

    added a some 4v4 play action (http://teamquitter.com/index.php/1318-4v4-play ) and will ultimately moderate all inappropriate bot, alt and shitposting until end of sunday 19th.

  9. Tue Mar 14 10:35:05 2017
    S Strange Shisha started the conversation 4v4 Play.


    Let's step up our 4v4 game by hosting scrimmages.
    As the decay of RA has advanced to levels where it's no longer enjoyable or playable I'm trying to offer an alternative here.

    Most of the people playing RA like quality matches with high octane gameplay, way more focused on micro than macro.
    So in this controlled environment you can dismiss all the factors that could impair your team.
    You can also spice things up by placing bets on matches.
    The stakes can be agreed on in the discord channel or here to make sure people keep word and to avoid scams.

    A huge factor why RA becomes worse are botters and alt accounts.
    As trying to battle alts and bots in RA has become more and more of a lost cause we have to adjust accordingly.
    Simply because in the scrimms you can decide who you're playing with and who you're playing against you don't have to deal with bots and alts anymore.

    With that you also deny botters and alt users the opportunity to play decent matches.

    Obviously you're giving up gladiator points to them, but at this point most of you hopefully think that having good games is more important than a title.

    If a parcticipating party is called out for botting my team and I volunteer to play against them to double check, and also checking on the match via guild observe.
    If botting is proven the party will be excluded.

    However, for quality purposes any botaccusations, RA shitposting and alttalk will be locked or deleted immediately.

    Join our QQ discord (https://discord.gg/74tKzsE ) to discuss matters, form teams and find opponents. Or simply post here.

  10. Mon Mar 6 08:49:01 2017
    Godly changed Strange Shisha's group to Moderator.
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