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    Tue Mar 14 10:36:14 2017
    S Strange Shisha posted in QQ forums.

    added a some 4v4 play action (http://teamquitter.com/index.php/1318-4v4-play ) and will ultimately moderate all inappropriate bot, alt and shitposting until end of sunday 19th.

  2. Tue Mar 14 10:35:05 2017
    S Strange Shisha started the conversation 4v4 Play.


    Let's step up our 4v4 game by hosting scrimmages.
    As the decay of RA has advanced to levels where it's no longer enjoyable or playable I'm trying to offer an alternative here.

    Most of the people playing RA like quality matches with high octane gameplay, way more focused on micro than macro.
    So in this controlled environment you can dismiss all the factors that could impair your team.
    You can also spice things up by placing bets on matches.
    The stakes can be agreed on in the discord channel or here to make sure people keep word and to avoid scams.

    A huge factor why RA becomes worse are botters and alt accounts.
    As trying to battle alts and bots in RA has become more and more of a lost cause we have to adjust accordingly.
    Simply because in the scrimms you can decide who you're playing with and who you're playing against you don't have to deal with bots and alts anymore.

    With that you also deny botters and alt users the opportunity to play decent matches.

    Obviously you're giving up gladiator points to them, but at this point most of you hopefully think that having good games is more important than a title.

    If a parcticipating party is called out for botting my team and I volunteer to play against them to double check, and also checking on the match via guild observe.
    If botting is proven the party will be excluded.

    However, for quality purposes any botaccusations, RA shitposting and alttalk will be locked or deleted immediately.

    Join our QQ discord (https://discord.gg/74tKzsE ) to discuss matters, form teams and find opponents. Or simply post here.

  3. Tue Mar 14 09:30:58 2017
    S Strange Shisha posted in Random Arenas alt accounts.

    @LosDopos Literally Hitler


  4. Tue Mar 14 09:28:47 2017
    S Strange Shisha posted in Random Arenas alt accounts.

    deleted due to irrelevance. this threat has taken a turn.

  5. Tue Mar 14 08:11:00 2017
    S Strange Shisha posted in Random Arenas alt accounts.

    check out the QQ discord. We've just created a 4v4 section, aiming for scrimms on decent levels and improving overall play quality in that format. https://discord.gg/74tKzsE

  6. Tue Mar 14 08:07:21 2017
    S Strange Shisha posted in Random Arenas alt accounts.

    the attempt to take back the RA is a lost cause. The nature of the matchmaking system can be abused by the ppl with alts and there's nothing you can do about it.

    Eliminate that and playing with/against bots by simply denying them play in the first place as you just make 4v4 exclusive.

  7. Tue Mar 14 07:44:20 2017
    S Strange Shisha posted in Random Arenas alt accounts.

    but kasperov, ofc he can answer these questions because ppl can't prove he's wrong or won't make the effort. So no matter what bullshit he states the majority of people here won't be able to tell if it's a lie or the truth.

    That's the only reason these clowns dwell around here.

    It's just the same with these RA clowns everytime:
    Complaining about a mode with low overall winchances for everyone who's not a monk player.
    The only reason they dwell around RA is not because they're just that good, or TA players. The reason is that they sync their asses together to farm some meaningless title.

    One could actually have respect for them if they'd arrange 4v4 scrimmages and make it somewhat competitive, instead of sitting in a game mode where you just pray that you don't get the biggest retard/alt in your team.

    Once they see a somewhat known player in that mode and beat him they furiously masturbate and think they're gods gift to guild wars.

    All your "niggaxyz" bots in RA, spams alts, RUINS MUH RNGBASEDGWEXPERIENCE shitposts lack substance and are not entertaining anymore.

    I like the 4v4 format, really. But since TA has been removed the only way to play that format on a somewhat decent level is scrimmages. Look at [Boo]s tournament a few years back. No need to make it a tournament always, but alteast step up your sorry ass game.

    Soon enough the "altspammers" will find a method to ruin RA for you completely, so you might as well get ahead of them now.

  8. Tue Mar 14 05:41:19 2017
    S Strange Shisha posted in Random Arenas alt accounts.

    oh look, the RA mongotrons found teamquitter. good.

  9. Mon Mar 13 15:45:10 2017
    S Strange Shisha posted in Last Man Standing.

    nah, it's on you to take action. I'm not gonna get myself shanghai surprised by you.

  10. Mon Mar 13 15:36:55 2017
    S Strange Shisha posted in Last Man Standing.

    @ariana so if I call you a tranny right here the burdon of proof is on you to prove that you're not a tranny?

    why do ppl on the internet think putting something out there simply validates it?

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